A commitment to a classical and elegant Verdejo

Bodegas Naia was established in La Seca, the birthplace of Verdejo in Rueda, in 2002 with the purpose of extracting the best qualities of the original clone of Verdejo in the D. O. Rueda.

La Seca is a village in the heart of the D. O. Rueda whose municipality is mostly covered by vineyards and where the exceptional climate conditions, soils and impressive old vineyards make it the perfect place to make some of the best white wines in the world.

From the begining Bodegas Naia has based its worked on a selection of old, local, gobelet-trained Verdejo vines, and it has always produced wines that express the authenticity of a rigorous work in the vineyard. Precisely, at Bodegas Naia the vineyard is the key element of winemaking.

Naia has become in a very short time a benchmark in the defence of the Verdejo variety, and it reproduces the model of great white wines in the world: fresh wines that are also well structured, tasty and have character.