Naiades 2014, the third best-rated Verdejo in Guía Peñin 2018

  • Made by Bodegas Naia, Naiades 2014 obtained 94 points, and it is yet another year among the best wines of D. O. Rueda

Naiades 2014, the barrel-fermented Verdejo made at Bodegas Naia has obtained 94 points in the recently published Guía Peñin 2018, a rating that elevates it to the third best wine in the Denomination of Origin Rueda. The Guide’s ratings will be officially presented on 23 and 24 of October in Madrid at the 17th edition of the Salón de los mejores vinos de España (Ifema’s Pavilion 2).

The Guide will categorise as Unique wines those that obtain 93 or 94 points; therefore, Naiades has obtained this distinction, maintaining the rating it has obtained in recent years. Made with grapes from vineyards with over a century of existence, Naiades is the maximum expression of the Verdejo variety.

Naia, the wine that gives the bodega its name, has obtained 91 points and maintains the quality it has produced in recent years. It is a wine that has been conceived to embody the essence of the most classical Verdejo. It is pure fruitiness with a silky sensation and a long aftertaste.

On the other hand, both K-Naia, with 89 points, and S-Naia have stood out with 4 stars out of 5 for value for money. K-Naia is the most groundbreaking wine made by the winery, as it has committed to a more classical Verdejo while adding a small amount of Sauvignon Blanc, which provides it a particular “bold” touch. S-Naia is a 100% Sauvignon Blanc wine that is made by the bodega after verifying its grape’s excellent maturity and the adaptation of this variety’s vines in the D. O. Rueda.

Located at the heart of the D.O. Rueda, Bodegas Naia has opted for the most classical Verdejo in this area. It produces Verdejo wines that present the classical aromas of the Verdejo variety and that are in a different class than those that have proliferated in the region in recent decades.