Naia 2015, silver medal at Mundus Vini 2016

The competition, which was held in the German town of Neustadt, is judged by a panel of 160 experts from 36 countriesnaia_2015_silver

Naia 2015 has obtained a silver medal at the Mundus Vini Awards, which takes place in the German town of Neustadt and is one of the most prestigious awards in the sector. The competition is judged by a panel of 160 experts from 36 countries. This medal represents further recognition to the work carried out in Bodegas Naia (D. O. Rueda), the objective of which is to develop profoundly varietal Verdejo wines that express the full potential of the classical Verdejo.

Naia is the representation of the bodega’s philosophy of committing to the most classical Verdejo variety without being influenced by any trends while reflecting the authenticity of the wines from this area. To achieve its objective, Naia has committed, from the first moment, to using the local clone, which provides the classical aromas of the Verdejo variety and is set apart from those that have appeared in the Denomination of Origin in the past decades.

Together with the effort invested in the vineyard, another key element in the making of Naia is the work carried out in its own lees in the winery, which makes Naia an elegant Verdejo wine with a volume and density on the palate that expresses the variety’s essence.

Bodegas Naia is owned by Avanteselecta, which is a wine company that makes wine in 8 Spanish Denominations of Origin and that seeks to extract the best properties from each area following a common philosophy: the distinction and quality of wines, which starts from the respectful work carried out on each of the local varieties and the search for exceptional terroirs.