Bodegas Naia presents its 2014 vintage

Cristina Bosch “I’m very satisfied with the wines from the 2014 vintage. This year the Verdejo wines are going to be a surprise thanks to their aromatic intensity”

Cristina Bosch, the oenologist of Bodegas Naia, unveils in the digital journal Economía Digital how surprising the Naia Verdejo wines from the 2014 vintage have turned out, especially thanks to their high aromatic intensity. The bodega’s star wine, Naiades, especially stands out, for it is a white wine made from centenary vineyards and fermented in the barrel.

“I’m very satisfied with the wines from the 2014 vintage. The Verdejo wines are very surprising this year thanks to their high aromatic intensity and roundness on the palate”, states Cristina Bosch, who has been working intensely with the most classic Verdejo variety at Bodegas Naia since 2009.

The oenologist speaks about the different wines made by the bodega, highlighting that K-Naia is a high quality Verdejo wine, fresh and perfect to drink while going out with friends, while Naia is a more complex Verdejo wine. “It is a real pleasure to see how Naia evolves in the glass”, says Cristina.

Bodegas Naia has also just launched its second vintage of S-Naia, a 100% Sauvignon Blanc that arrived at the market in 2014 with great acceptance. In the oenologist’s opinion, “in 2014 S-Naia was especially fresh and presented a very good acidity and some pleasant notes of herbs. Very refreshing and persistent on the palate.”

Bosch explains that the most relevant aspect of the climate in the 2014 vintage was “the lack of rainfall during the harvesting period. There was a considerable temperature variation between night and day, and that allowed for a slower and fuller maturation of the grape.” This enabled the technical team at the bodega to wait for the right moment to pick the grape, that is, at its perfect point of maturation.

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